Audrey and I decided it would be a lot of fun to go to her friend’s work place and surprise her! Keep in mind, Ericha had not yet seen Audrey for 6 months and was being so patient waiting for Audrey to make a few adjustments of being home again. (jet lag after traveling for 24+ hours and after recently having a flu bug was hard, not to mention getting used to being back in this time zone!)001Ericha was busy cleaning when Audrey stepped up to the counter, ‘excuse me.’

005Ericha answered as she was turning around, “I’ll be right with you….. AAAUDREEY!!”003Then immediately there were hugs & happy tears!!  What a wonderful surprise!! 🙂 Ericha had another hour of work so we went along and looked for someone else to surprise!!

We decided to pop in to say hi to Cindy & Gary since they live just around the corner from where we were. Audrey spotted them taking a walk so I let her out of the car and she snuck up on them…


Surprise!! They were so happy to see each other!! Gary knew her voice right off and enjoyed the texture of her braids! Do smiles get any more special than these!? What a fun visit!! One more surprise to make!!


After picking Ericha up from work we brought her to her home and Audrey went up to the door to surprise her mom, Rhonda!! 🙂  Three successful surprises!! What a fun day!


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