Two Weeks Later

The anticipated two week mark has finally arrived!! I’ll tell you right up front… I did NOT go down to the hive with Pete. We had two littles here and I couldn’t leave a 2 year old and a 7 1/2 month old alone in the house and I was not going to take them down to see the bees get smoked out. Besides, if I was holding them, who’d take the pictures anyways?

Pete took the camera, suited up, brought the smoker down, wore the gloves this time and opened up the hive for the first time in two weeks since removing the travel box.


Looking into the hive, you can see by the wax that they were working hard! There was too much space left between the frames and the bees were filling it in! Pete had to take it out and move the frames so that they had the same amount of spacing! He said the bees weren’t too happy with him and were flying around like crazy! BUT THEY NEVER STUNG HIM!


You can see on the frame how gentle these bees really are!


This is what he took out from between the frames! Quite a bit of wax honey combs, some of the spaces had pollen, some had bee lavre and yes, indeed there was honey too! NICE & SWEET!


Ready to try again…..    he left what he could of the wax intact on the frames and shifted them a little to close up the big space. Now in two more weeks, he’ll peek again! 🙂 Until then….  they’ll be as ‘busy as bees’ and after these past couple of weeks, I understand that phrase!! They really do work hard!!


Pretty amazing work these litte guys do!! Phew, who would know there is sooo much to learn about bees!!


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