It’s Maple Season Again

All of the buckets are hung on the maple trees again…  as soon each tap was put in the tree, Pete started hearing the beautiful music of ‘ping, ping, ping’. It’s the sound of the sap as it rolls down the spile and drips off the end to hit the bottom of the bucket.

maple 1

(The picture above is from a season or two ago, but it shows the spiles in the trees and how the sap would come out of the tree to drip into the bucket. Some buckets have two spiles dripping into it and others have just one. It depends on the size of the tree. Notice how clear the sap is. It feels and looks like water, but it has a sweet maple flavor. My family likes to use it to make their coffee in the morning during sugar season!)

maple bucket The ‘ping’ eventually turns into a soft splash sound after the bottom of the bucket has collected enough sap to make a puddle, and then it fills the bucket sometimes to overflowing!

They were all hung by the end of the day on Friday and the first collection happened on Saturday late afternoon…   not bad for the first 24 hours!maple bucket pete

Pete figured out the time it took… about 8 hours to hang buckets up and down both sides of the road and some in the pasture (washing & hanging them) and then about 2 1/2 hours to collect.

I think he said he collected about 50 gallons of sap in the first 24 hours which would equal just over 1 gallon of finished syrup….


Tomato Soup

Remember when I made tomato soup last fall?? If you want to check out the recipe again, click on the link below and it will take you to my previous blog… 006

I have been a little bit concerned because I thought the amount of salt was too much.    I meant to cut it down before adding it to the tomatoes while making it, but somehow I spaced it and added the full amount. Sooo, with all of that said, I hadn’t yet tried the soup. Last night I brought out a jar and determined that today would be the day to try the soup! I had labeled each jar with the directions (in case I forgot) so I would know just how to prepare it! 052I poured the soup in the saucepan, added the four and milk… and whisked it while it was heating!!050 054      Then poured it into my soup bowl and added a few crackers…                                     OH MY GOODNESS….  IT IS DELICIOUS!!!055

Let that be a lesson for me!! I could have been enjoying this yummy-ness all winter long had I not decided it wasn’t going to taste good before even trying it!!  It seems to me that I used to scold my kids for the same thing when they were little!! I wonder where they got it? Tomao soup is a definite RE-DO for this summer’s canning seaon!!

Until next time…  M.