Introducing “Mozzie”


We brought home our new kitten on Thursday. Picking a name is always the hardest part of a new pet!! After making lists of names, we came to our final answer…       Introducing ‘MOZZIE’ our 8 week old tiger kitty!

Until Next Tme ~M.


God Hugs Are GREAT!!

We finally put up our Christmas tree last night! Picking a time where everyone can be home to join in the festivities is the hardest part of the job. We finally agreed that Sunday afternoon would be the best time, even though it meant snowy travels back home for Travis… it was Sunday or wait until the 22nd of December.

This year I made a ‘cheater’s version’ of clam chowder (using a ‘Bear Creek’ package of potato soup and adding lots of baby whole clams etc.) and then second soup called Tuscan White Bean Soup by ‘Alessi’. They both were good, but never as good as home-made all the way! I had the regular stuff; dip & chips, artichoke dip, cheese & crackers, special bread to go with the soups and Travis brought a fresh pineapple and cut it all up for us… it was sooo healthy & yummy!!


One of the best highlights was about 4:30PM when the computer started making a noise…  it was Audrey calling us on Skype from Cameroon! The lights were on the tree and Austin was just putting the angel on top!! It may be silly, but the honor of putting the angel on the tree has been well documented EACH year since they were all little ones!! This year was Austin’s turn…  and Audrey WAS WITH US FOR IT!!


013Can you believe we’ve been keeping track of this since the Christmas of 1993?! And, I have taken pictures each year! Some of those early pictures were of Pete holding the kids up high enough so that they could reach to put the angel on!!                               Oh, the sweet memories….



These are the new scrabble ornaments for 2012!




You know that special moment when you KNOW it was  a ‘God thing’? Well, putting up the tree was a last-minute decision as of that morning, no one but us and God knew and I’m convinced that He prompted Audrey to call!

Thanks for the God-hugs today!

We all needed that boost!

Until Next Time,  ~M.

Christmas Memories


Most people call this “Chex Mix” but in my family it’s called “Nuts & Bolts”!

This snack has been a favorite part of Christmas as far back as I can remember. The recipe was handed down from my great-grandmother, Agnes Plant. I’m not sure if someone started it before her, but I know she would make it every Christmas and EVERY one of her grands & great grands received their own container! We all were given a wrapped and filled coffee or nut can filled to the brim with Nuts & Bolts!

Travis called today as I was pulling the pans out of the oven to give them a stir. We chatted a few minutes then I asked him what he thought I was doing. I had him on speaker phone so he could hear the noises in the kitchen, and even though it is a once a year sound, he knew it immediately… “MAKING NUTS & BOLTS” !!!  Yes, I think the family recipe will live on into the next generations as well!

I’m sure we all have a favorite Christmas treat… this one is mine!

God bless you!

One Hour ‘Til Take Off

Audrey dec 1

Here we are at the Manchester airport waiting for Audrey’s flight to take off! She has committed the next six months to living in Cameroon, Africa, staying with a missionary family and working in an orphange.

Audrey's flight

It was hard to say good-bye, but knowing that she’s in the palm of God’s hand and believing she is in the center of God’s will for her life at this time is amazing. Why it had to be a snowy, cold day on the day she few out is beyond me!! It was not easy to watch as her plane was being de-iced just before take off! This flight brought her to Philadelphia and from there another flight to Brussels, Belgium and a third one from Brussels to Douala, Cameroon! After arrival, she spent the night and then traveled another 7 hours by car to Bamenda where she’s now living and working!

The biggest “THANK GOD” on my thankful list is that we live in this century! Today in 2012 we have modern technologies that allow family and friends to know that Audrey arrived safe & sound and is enjoying 75* – 80* weather! I keep thinking about the missionaries of years gone by that relied on the use of ‘snail mail’ to send their families messages of news and comfort!

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If you’ve found your way here, then I’m assuming the post to my previous blog has worked! If you are finding me by chance, welcome! If you care to view any of my previous posts, click here: I have enjoyed blogging about our family, canning, gardening, animals, crafting etc. over the past few years.

I do have a finished project to share with you! I finished a lap quilt (technically, it’s an afghan) that I found in a magazine! I used the recommended colors and found it a lot of fun to make! In case you’re interested, the magazine is “Crochet Today” and the issue is November/December 2012.


Welcome Home!

Until Next Time,  M.